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What is a minimizer bra? How do I know if I need one?

Minimizer bras help to make the bustline look smaller. They are a great lingerie choice for full figured women who would like to make their clothes fit better; they can, for example, help prevent button-down blouses from pulling or looking tight around the bustline. Most Wacoal minimizer bras reduce the bustline approximately one inch.

What is a convertible bra?

A convertible bra has removable straps that allow it to be transformed into a halter, racer-back, one-shoulder, or strapless style. Convertible bras are extremely versatile and solve so many challenging lingerie dilemmas that every woman should have one in her bra wardrobe.

How do I differentiate between the types of bra cups offered?

Contour - a layer of lining applied to the cup of a seamless or cut and sew style for purpose of no show through under ready to wear fashions. These contour applications may be of different weights and thickness and are found in seamless as well as cut and sew styles.

Unlined - single ply or two ply cups that are not lined with anything, only the fabric layer (s) exist. This type cup is molded to size when seamless and is dependent upon the breast to shape the cup to size. Additionally, a cut and sew cup (bra with a flat seam) may or may not be lined with anything. A cut and sew is also dependent upon the breast tissue to shape the cup size.

Single Ply - A bra cup consisting of one layer of cup fabric, molded seamless to size or cut and sew style with flat seaming.

Two-ply - A bra cup consisting of two layers of fabric, molded seamless to size or cut and sew style. Outer cup may be of a jacquard fabric while inside cup layer usually consisting of a Nylon/Spandex content for added smoothness and optimum fit.

Why does the wire poke through?

An underwire will usually poke through a garment for one of two reasons: Either you are wearing the wrong size or you are washing the garment incorrectly.

What determines a petite size?

Wacoal's petite sizes are all about body proportion, not height. We believe that small framed, small busted women also deserve superb fit and beautiful bras so our line of petite bras offers a wide variety of styles to meet your every need.

What's the best way to put on a bra?

The best way to put on a bra is to bend at the waist and slip the bra on over her shoulders. Let your breasts fall into the cups and make sure the wires rest completely under the breast tissue. Stand up straight and fasten the bra in the middle hook.

What is the most common mistake women make when they are trying to find the correct bra size?

Many women choose bras with the bands too big and the cups too small. For the perfect fit, we recommend an in-store appointment with a fit specialist. It will only take 15 minutes, yet the wonderful effects you'll feel will last a lifetime (or at least until it's time for another fitting!). 

Where are a woman's breasts supposed to sit in her bra?

Use the elbow test to see if your breasts are sitting in your bra correctly. To conduct this test, stand sideways in the mirror and bend your elbow to a 45°angle. Your bra should sit in the middle of your arm between your elbow and shoulder. If it is in the upper half of your arm, the desired lift is being attained. If the bra is sitting in the lower half of your arm, a change of style or size is required.

How many bras should I own?

A bra wardrobe is easy to assemble. We recommend that all women have the following styles ready to wear: one seamed bra, one without seams, a contour bra for opacity and shaping, one strapless, one racer back, either a minimizer or a pushup, a sports bra and at least one really sexy bra. The general rule of thumb is to pick your favorite bra and buy three of them in a neutral color. This way, you'll always have one to be worn, one in the wash and one in your drawer. By rotating the three bras you use the most you will extend their lives and actually save money in the long run.


How should lingerie be washed?

Ideally you should hand wash your lingerie in a delicate detergent specially formulated for bras and fine clothes. If you must machine wash your bras use a lingerie wash bag to protect these delicate garments from snags, tangles and tears. Before you put your bras into the bag, fasten the closure to avoid possible snagging, fold cups into one another, and place straps in the cups. Place bag in washing machine and run on the warm water cycle using mild soap or detergent. Also, as with other clothes, you should wash light and dark colored bras separately, as synthetic fibers tend to pick up dye from the wash water. Do not wring-out or twist the garments to remove excess water.


Can I put my lingerie in the dryer?

We suggest laying your lingerie out flat or drying it on a line. The heat of tumble dryers often ruins lingerie because it breaks down the delicate fibers used in embroideries, laces, and other fabrics.



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